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Pocket English

A Book Full of Answers

We give you answers to key hotel service English questions:

  • • What is the best way to apologize to guests?
  • • Should I use "OK", "Sure, no problem" or "Certainly"?
  • • Do native English speakers say "13:00" or "1:00pm"?
  • • How do I give directions in English?
  • • What is the best way to improve my English at work?
  • • Is "モーニングコール" proper English or Japanese English?
And much more as we cover 38 full dialogue situations and hundreds of useful phrases and vocabulary.

Key Features of a Pocket English Book

English you can use right away.

  • • Polite yet simple English
  • • Phrases used by native English speakers
  • • Advice and phrases to use for challenging situations


  • • Passport-sized & fits in your pocket
  • • Lightweight yet durable
  • • Professional design, perfect for on-the-job use

Published by Ohta Publications & recommended by:

  • • Malcolm Thompson, General Manager of The Peninsula Tokyo
  • • Ricco DeBlank, General Manager of The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo
  • • Yutaka Nakamura, Chairman of The Japan Hotel Association

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Pocket English
Communication Guides

Where can I buy a Pocket English Book?

Pocket English Books may be purchased from our website www.pocket-english.com
The books are also available in select bookstores across Japan, on Amazon.co.jp and may be ordered in bulk by contacting us directly.